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Here is How to Keep Your Pet Friendly Home Clean, Organized & Comfortable For the People and Pets

When setting up your space with pets in mind, it's all about finding the right balance between practicality and comfort. From choosing houseplants that won't pose a risk to your pets to selecting furniture that can withstand their play & rest, here's how to create a cozy home that works for everyone.

Here are a few tips to keep your pet-friendly home clean, organized, and comfortable for you AND your furry family members! A few helpful products are linked below.

1. Pet-Friendly Living Room Houseplants: Go for plants that add greenery without tempting your pets to get into them. Think spider plants, Boston ferns, or African violets. Still, keep them out of reach to avoid any impromptu snacking sessions & always research every plant before you bring it home. Cats, dogs, and other house pets can be sensitive to different types.

2. Pet-Friendly Furniture: Look for furniture that's sturdy, easy to clean, and doesn't attract pet fur like a magnet. Fabrics like microfiber or leather(ette) are your best bet. Consider throw blankets or washable covers for extra protection. Linen covers are a great option that's easily washable and looks casual/comfortable with most decorating styles. Also, pay attention to the amount of space underneath furniture. The ideal height would be high enough to easily clean underneath often with a vacuum & mop OR completely sitting on the floor without any space for dust and fur to collect under.

3. Pet-Friendly Living Room: Make your living space a hang-out spot for both you and your pets. Choose furniture with removable cushions for easy cleaning and provide lots of cozy spots for your furry friends to lounge where they can do all their grooming/licking and shed in their own space (pet beds, mini pet sofas, cat perches, etc.) However, they may choose to entirely ignore this dedicated space and find the 'people spots' more attractive.

4. Decorating with Pet-Safe Items: Keep your decor pet-friendly by opting for safe materials and sturdy pieces that won't topple over with a playful nudge. Say no to toxic materials and small objects that could be a hazard. Mirrors in particular are a decorating item that can get very dusty/furry with pets around but also need special attention to be secured properly so they don't fall over with pets playing.

5. Keeping Things Tidy: Stay on top of regular cleaning to keep your pet-friendly home looking its best. Vacuum up pet hair, wipe down surfaces, and stash away grooming supplies for quick touch-ups. Keeping a medium to large-sized basket for catching all the pet toys, collars, and hair brushes that get scattered throughout the day can make it easy to have them out of sight for quick cleaning. Also, keep a lint roller on hand at all times - for clothes, furniture, guests' clothes, etc. Re-usable lint rollers are great for furniture, carpets, and bedding and the single-use ones are perfect to keep in the bathroom or by the entryway for coats and clothing.

With these tips, you can create a pet-friendly space that's welcoming, stylish, and designed with your furry friends in mind. After all, home is where the heart (and the pets) are!

Here are a few helpful Amazon finds for pet-friendly homes:

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