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Try The 'June Bugging' Method to Declutter, Clean and Organize Your Home

What on earth is the June Bugging method? Let's start by learning where the name comes from and it might make more sense. The term 'June Bugging' comes from the June Bug - a beetle found in British Columbia when the weather starts to warm up around the Spring season. Oddly enough - I've run into June bugs about 5 times over the last 10 years and have come to find them... so relatable? They head out of their original spot, wander around for a bit, and go right back to hide. Look up "June Bug Images" at your own risk. They're very interesting looking, but so relatable to someone who can't focus on one task at home to save their life.

Anywho, the June Bugging method is a great one to use for Spring cleaning. This is when you pick a spot in your house to clean and you keep returning to that spot until the job is completely done. If you get distracted, go back to the same spot. If you need a break, take a break, and go right back to that same spot. If you leave the spot to go get another cleaning tool and find something else to do - remind yourself of your 'anchor' spot and go back and work on the job. It's a great method for ADHD or just general procrastination.

If you've been putting off dealing with a certain room or a certain mess in your house - try this out. Here are steps I use (as an easily distractable person, constantly getting a toddler and cats out of whatever I'm working on), maybe they'll help you stay anchored to one area too.

Step 1. Normally you'd call this 'setting a clear goal' but that sounds like a task of its own. So let's make step 1 'Pick the room in your house that bothers you the most and the goal is to just get it done'

Step 2. Stare in the room. What bothers you the most? is it the things that you want to get rid of? or the things you want to keep and wish were more organized? Again, start with whatever bothers you the most.

Step 3. Collect what you're keeping on one side and what you're getting rid of on another side (preferably closer to the door).

Step 4. If you leave the room, come back with bags or boxes to collect the things you won't be keeping. Once you have the bags/boxes for packing, divide them into 2 parts - 1. Donation Items. 2. Garbage Items

STEP 5. Once the items that you're not keeping are packed. Go and put them away where they need to go. Put the garbage items out with the garbage. Put the Donation items in your vehicle or as close to the door as possible to remember to take them out ASAP.

Step 6. Return to the original place. Look at all the items you kept. Now think of which items get used daily/weekly/monthly and which of these can be put in more of a 'storage' area (the back of the closet, less reachable areas, in the garage, etc,.) Gather these 'storage' type items on one side and the more frequently used items on one.

Step 7. If you leave the room, come back with bags or boxes to collect the things you need to store away. Once you have the packing bags/boxes, start packing and FULLY put these items where you want them stored or as close to that area as possible.

Step 8. Now, you're left with all your more frequently used items. Decide where you want these items kept. If you like the cabinets/boxes/counter space you already have to keep these items, put them in their place. If you need to add more - go and get these and come back and finish putting things away. E.g. if I'm in the middle of organizing and need boxes - I CANNOT order online and wait 2 days for the boxes to arrive so I can finish packing. I need to leave my house - get the boxes and continue immediately. Luckily I live close to The Home Depot, my go-to place for home organizing items when I need them immediately (Storage boxes, shelves, racks, hooks, etc,.).

Step 9. Continue putting items away and coming back to this same area until every item has a place - if you're left with miscellaneous items at the end - determine if you want to keep them or if they can go. Try your best to find a permanent spot for them if they have a future use. If you can't think of a place to keep them - think of where you keep other items that would be used in the same scenario. E.g if you don't know where to put all the random push pins and nails you find - think of their use. If you would only ever use these to hang pictures and items on walls, put them with your drill/hammer even if it's kept further away (in a garage).

Step 10. Once every item is in its permanent spot - grab a wet towel with dish soap on it and wipe all the surfaces you can reach. Once everything is dusted/wiped, do a final floor sweep + mop.

Anchoring yourself to one place in the house is so important for us 'wanderers' and procrastinators. Try it out - if it works for you, continue throughout the rest of the house.

A couple more notes - think of only dealing with each item one time. For example, if you have an item that needs to go to the laundry room - carry it to the laundry room the first time you pick it up. Do not put it down in the hallway thinking you'll take it to the laundry room 'later on'. Unless you're gathering multiple items to go to the same place - even then, focus on gathering those immediately and take them directly where they need to go.

These are my favorite storage boxes from The Home Depot - they come in different sizes and are very strong and stable to stack on top of each other. I have them in 45L and 64L for inside the house and 102L for the garage.

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