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Using the 4-Box-Method to Declutter Any Space In Your Home

There is no point in cleaning your home without it being organized - it never looks and feels as clean as it can be. There is also no point in organizing without decluttering. As soon as you need to find an item thats hiding behind 10 other items (that you don't know why you have or where you should keep), the 'organization' will unravel and you'll end up with an overwhelming mess. The first step to deal with all of this is to declutter your space so that the organizing and cleaning are as effective as you need them to be.

The four boxes (or piles) need to include the following:

1. Keep - Items you want to keep

2. Donate - Items that are in decent condition and can be used by another person/family/animal

3. Sell - Items you either spent a lot of money on and don't feel good about letting go for free or know you can earn money from

4. Trash - Items that are broken, dirty, cannot be used by another person/family/anima

Consider the following for each of these:

if you decide to keep it, think of real scenarios you would make use of that item. This applies very well to clothing. Think of an event where you would wear this item and if you would pick this out of another similar option.

If you decide to donate - check online or over the phone with the organization you're taking it to see if they accept that particular item. For example, some organizations will not take baby toys for safety and liability reasons. If you keep a large toy kicking around the back of your vehicle and finally get it to the organization you thought you could donate it to and they refuse - it'll be an annoyance that might deter you from wanting to donate in the future (truly speaking from my own experience here).

Your box/bag/pile of items you choose to sell can be further organized by the place they can be sold at. Do a quick search for consignment stores in your area for household items and clothes. If they can't be sold there, or you would rather keep the entire earnings from the sale (rather than a percentage from consignment stores), try Facebook Marketplace or other online sales sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

Items you know cannot be used or are broken/damaged - let them go. If you determine how to get rid of your junk items beforehand, it may make it easier while you're in the middle of determining what items can be thrown out and cleared from your space. If it's a large item, look up the 'Large Item Junk Removal' for your City. You may be able to have large items picked up by the City for free. If it's smaller items, see which ones can be dropped off at your local bottle return depot. For example, old electronics, wires, and kitchen appliances can be dropped off at most bottle return recycling centers.

How we can help:

If you are local to the Lower Mainland British Columbia, feel free to book a home cleaning with us. We can discuss organizing your space as part of the home cleaning. Please visit the 'Contact' page on this site or call/text us at 604-757-3727.

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